Why DIPG? The One to Beat from Awareness to Research

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DIPG is front and center with researchers, devastated by the picture painted by the statistics of this killer of very young children, and with advocates who have been working for years to get a greater national conversation about the chronic lack of research funding for the deadliest pediatric cancers.

DIPG reveals itself to be as mysterious and ephemeral in it’s signature as the variances of individual fingerprints…and represents the frontier of our understanding of cancer, and the brain.  It’s also a ruthless killer of our children, and as the 2nd most common pediatric brain tumor, the only thing rare about it is the long-term survivor.

In H.Res.69, DIPG acts as an ambassador for childhood cancer and the experiences that childhood cancer families endure when “the numbers aren’t great enough for investors.”  It makes a strong case for urgency of need, and years of life lost, being a greater factors for research grant consideration.

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