To the Ends of the Earth: Juju’s Journey with Mark Hyde

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Our show features a window into the experience of a father, Mark Hyde, who literally chose to go to the ends of the earth for his daughter, honoring her life with a journey to the north pole. While she was fighting rhabdomyosarcoma, Juliet went with her dad, sister, and mom on quick, day-trip excursions into the beautiful German countryside, as time and hospital proximity would permit. Mark had been contracted to work in Germany at the time, having come from California. Upon their return, however, the effects of her cancer took another turn.

Featured also is cc-TDI, Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute led by Scientific Director Dr. Charles Keller, in Beaverton OR, and the innovative, child-centric research funded mostly by parents, which serves as a beacon of hope for thousands in the childhood cancer community worldwide.

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