All In To Win Foundation with Christina Wascher

Christina Wascher, a long-time childhood cancer advocate, is the President and founder of the All-In-to-Win Foundation based in Miami Florida since 2013. Christina has been a philanthropist and an entrepreneur in US and European project developments for Claridon International since 1982, specializing in start-up projects and bringing them to completion. She brings her expertise to the field of pediatric neuro-oncology in support of pharmaceutical interests needing greater support to meet the clinical needs of children, and facilitates the work of researchers and doctors in neuro-oncology by effective networking and communication skills.

An active and passionate advocate for children with cancer, she helps push pediatric treatments forward and helps families with support through financial aid. Perhaps All In To Win’s most treasured role is in bringing smiles to so many faces of these courageous children. The foundation is a lifeline for many families who do not have a local organization for childhood cancer, or near to the treatments they need.  To make a donation and to learn more about the many ways “All In To Win” helps children with cancer, visit

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