“Help and Hope Happen Here,” a New Podcast with Mark Levine

Mark Levine is one of those special people who are moved from an inner conscience and love for all children. Mark and his wife Debbie live in Stoughton, MA and have two children and two grandchildren. Retired from managing a small business for many years, Mark now devotes his life’s work to advocacy and activism for children afflicted with cancer.

He began volunteering for the Jimmy Fund in 2007, working events in area high schools to help this fundraising arm of Dana Farber. In 2013 he began his own brand of fundraising event the Jimmy Fund called, “Putting for Patients”, and he also visits once or twice a month, the oncology ward at Boston Children’s Hospital. From these experiences he has become passionate about the important aspects of pediatric cancer such as psychosocial issues for these children, and the long term side effects of toxic treatments.

After the 2020 pandemic shut down all of his events, he decided to start a pediatric cancer podcast to keep awareness of childhood cancer in the Public eye and also to continue supporting the Jimmy Fund. It’s called, “Help and Hope Happen Here”, and began in August of 2020. It can be found on Apple, Google, Spotify and other podcast directories.

To access this podcast, visit Childhood Cancer Talk Radio’s podcast page on TogiNet.com, where the show airs weekly on Thursdays at 4pm Eastern Time.

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