Hope Over Despair: Mariah Olson, Neuroblastoma Survivor

Mariah Olson was diagnosed in 1980 with neuroblastoma at the age of one year, and is a living testament as a survivor to the difficulties that so many children with cancer endure as a result of toxic, out-dated treatments they receive. She also attests to the pycho-social challenges of growing up with severe medical issues which affect children with cancer.

Most importantly, she is a testament to the power of hope and positivity amid these challenges which are generally the source of despair and great suffering. In the face of it all, she is a champion for other young people afflicted with cancer; she advocates for others at both the state and national level, workin with nine non-profit childhood cancer organizations.  Most prominently are the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society (NCCS), the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS-CAN), and the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2).  She also triumphs as an oboist with several musical ensembles and is happily married, living in LaCrosse Wisconsin. We are blessed to share conversation with this outstanding advocate with such generosity of heart, and look forward to the publishing of her autobiography, “Hope Over Despair.”  DIRECT LINK TO PODCAST

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