The Fairness to Kids with Cancer Act: A Conversation with the Inspiration, Mina Carroll

Childhood Cancer Talk Radio presents a conversation with Mina Carroll, foundation leader and childhood cancer advocate.

Mina Carroll with the Storm the Heavens Fund in Philadelphia, PA, literally coined the “We Must Do Better” -for children with cancer- phrase to confront the terrible reality in our society today that children are, for all practical purposes, neglected for research funding by the system in place. Mina’s beautiful daughter Philomena was afflicted with DIPG, the killer childhood brain cancer with a less than 1% long-term survival rate. Mina shares with us her experience in growing a foundation, raising funds for research, but most importantly–lifting her voice on behalf of children with cancer who are underserved by the medical research investment culture today.

Mina Carroll worked with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick to introduce the 2021 Fairness to Kids with Cancer Act, a precedent setting bill for children calling for greater research funding for this vulnerable and precious population, H. R. 2210.  Visit to learn more.

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