Reticence vs. Passion: The Voices of DIPG Survivors

Childhood Cancer Talk Radio Presents Jessica Ressel-Doeden and Celeste Sabagh

Today we hear from two strong, resilient, beautiful women who have beat the odds for a childhood brain cancer that normally proves to be inescapable and merciless. Jessica Ressel-Doeden from St. Louis Missouri here in the USA, and Celeste Sabagh in Cordoba Argentina have not only DIPG in common as long-term survivors, but a success with treatment from Dr. Burzynski in Houston, TX. Their paths to healing, wellness, and harmonious community have been extremely challenging. Each explain in their own way the dichotomy of reticence when it comes to sharing their stories and why, and then being overcome by the burning desire to help others. Where conventional medicine falls short, the desperate search “Outside the Box” is the only logical place to look.

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