Lynette Apodaca and the Marc Jr Foundation, Helping Families for 14 Years

Lynette and Marc Apodaca’s son Marc Jr was diagnosed in 2007 with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). The couple quickly realized how little help there was in the form of treatment, information and support for the families facing this deadly brain tumor. They found in their journey that once parents and a community are faced with this cancer, each unknowingly fosters a spirit of compassion and the willingness to work as a team, as, “we are the only hope our children may have.”

Lynette generously shares with us the story of the support with which Marc Jr Foundation consistently provides families, their partnership with CBTF (Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation) in providing a forum of support for bereaved families, and her collaboration with the Jace Ward #Toughtogether group in creating a larger network of support for families, research, and clinical trial access for the childhood brain cancer community.

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