“Lighten Our Darkness”: Two Moms Advocate for Others from Life’s Most Tragic Loss

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Kirsten Finley and Jamie Franzini, both coincidentally from the same Congressional District in Florida–that of Rep. DeSantis (R-FL-6)–discuss their recent and tragic losses and resulting action in advocacy for children with cancer to inspire greater awareness for the perilous situation so many families find themselves in every day in the United States. Brain cancer is the leading cause of death in children with cancer; those diagnosed with DIPG receive an immediate death sentence, seemingly out of nowhere. Kirsten and Jamie frankly share some of the realities they have faced and the action they are now taking to bring change for other families in the future. These two strong women carry the light of their sons’ love and hope, Kayne and Anthony respectively, for a better world for other children into the future.

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