Meet Anne Beatty: Survivor, Advocate, Teacher.

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Meet Anne Beatty from Prattville, Alabama. She retired in December 2019 after teaching for almost 24 years. Sadly, complications from a brain tumor–physical, and social–made retirement unavoidable. Her brain tumor journey began July 4, 2018; she had open heart surgery in February 2018 for a previously undetected congenital heart condition. On July 4th, she had a stroke due to a second undiagnosed heart condition; her brain tumor was discovered at that time.

Anne has teamed up with DIPG Advocacy Group to raise awareness for this deadly pediatric disease. As a concerned citizen and brain tumor survivor she shares with others about brain cancer to help save lives and bring a cure faster to children afflicted with this deadly disease, as brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related death in children in the United States.

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